Flood Alleviation Schemes

Flooding is becoming an increasingly common threat to many UK households and businesses. Certainly it would seem that our weather patterns have changed over the last few decades, leading to periods of unexpected and heavy rainfall, often in the summer when drainage ditches are full of vegetation. As more and more real estate is covered with concrete and tarmac, the natural attenuation capacity of the ground, soaking up water, is severely reduced, leading to spate events and increased flooding. These subtle changes have coincided with a gradual decline in the maintenance of many drainage assets, as local authorities and the Environment Agency struggle to manage their dwindling resources.

The immediate, dreadful trauma of a flood event is compounded by the long, drawn out period of repairs and insurance claims. This is made even worse by the difficulties then experienced in renewing insurance.

Kingcombe Aquacare can help to minimise this risk in various ways. In its simplest form a flood alleviation scheme can consist of a comprehensive programme of preventative maintenance of flood management assets to ensure that they do function correctly when challenged by high rainfall events. This is very much a case of a “stitch in time saves nine”. Kingcombe offers a regular maintenance package for a range of clients, maintaining screens, strimming vegetation, removing obstructions and debris and generally ensuring that floodwater, when it comes, can flow on by unhindered.

However, we also work with local authorities, the Environment Agency and developers to design and create suitable engineered flood alleviation schemes for both new and existing developments.

For further information on how we can work with you to minimise your exposure to flood risk, phone and ask to speak with Chris Keech on 01460 279 200.