Pond Cleaning and Programmed Maintenance

Kingcombe Aquacare’s teams have the expertise and equipment to clear out overgrown ponds and ponds with a build-up of silt. Once pond cleaning takes place, neglected pools can be transformed back to their former glory. Other pond elements such as liner repairs, filtration systems, pumps, algae problems, lighting, invasive plant control, and new planting schemes can also be addressed. We offer a regular maintenance service for all types and sizes of water feature, from petite fountains to lakes of more than 20 acres. Services range from litter picking to M&E inspection and testing, aquatic weed and algae control, cleaning, bulb replacements, fish stock control, fountain cleaning etc. Our services are tailor-made to suit the requirements of each feature. Our teams are confined-space trained and carry all of the required technical equipment to undertake maintenance tasks efficiently and safely. 

We also undertake this work for Facilities Management companies who are responsible for water features. Please see here for further information.

If you would like advice or wish to discuss your project, please phone and speak to scott rice on 01460 279200.