Emergency Call Out

Even with the most regular maintenance programme, there will inevitably be times when our facilities management clients need a much quicker response. A re-circulating pump stops working the day before a VIP visit, a delivery driver drops some oil which threatens to get into the watercourse, vandals drive a car into a lake on a business park…

All these scenarios and many more have been dealt with by Kingcombe staff at short notice for our clients over the years. We often have a team working in the area, and a quick request to our help desk can divert them to deal with the problem, often within hours. Kingcombe staff are always willing to go that extra mile on behalf of our clients, giving priority to our regular contracts as an additional support alongside their normal maintenance programme.

Flooding now seems to be of greater significance, as our climate patterns appear to be changing. Not only is it essential to maintain flood control systems on a regular basis, but Kingcombe can offer a fast response with pumps and sandbags, often in support of the local authority’s or Environment Agency’s emergency work force.

Whilst emergencies are always worrying, knowing that all Kingcombe’s staff are trained, equipped and insured to be working in those conditions helps to ease that concern.

Call out to clear up after vandal attack