Fishery Surveys

Kingcombe Aquacare undertake fishery surveys.

Owners and managers of fisheries employ us to survey fish stocks, appraise dams and embankments, check water quality, condition of outlet structures, plant species and silt depths.

We use seine netting, electrofishing or a combination of both to monitor fish stocks.

These methods are employed to remove excess fish stock such as specific species, particular year class or predator removal. The latter is often employed by owners or managers of migratory trout and salmon fisheries.

If you have a problem with your fishery and you would like some assistance, please phone and speak to John Colton on 01460 279 200.

Jumping sea trout - Kingcombe Aquacare Fishery Surveys
Jumping sea trout
Salmon - Kingcombe Aquacare Fishery Surveys
Prime mirror carp - Kingcombe Aquacare fishery surveys
Prime mirror carp