Feasibility Studies

It is often advisable to carry out comprehensive feasibility studies before embarking on an expensive water feature. Otherwise, the water feature might turn out to be a costly mistake.

It is often more expensive to correct a feature which has been badly built than it would have been to construct it properly in the first place.

Kingcombe Aquacare staff have the experience to look at a site and see what is possible. Activities may include arranging for a hydrogeological survey to be carried out, to establish whether winter’s raging torrent dries up to a trickle in the height of summer, or discover at what depth a borehole is likely to find water.

Sometimes the Environment Agency or Local Planning Authority may require a full environmental risk assessment to be carried out.

Kingcombe Aquacare’s knowledge can help to engage the right specialists in the right roles, to meet with your specific requirements.

Kingcombe Aquacare borehole drilling rig
Borehole drilling rig