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New BIOTOP natural swimming pool and pond video

Fantastic new BIOTOP natural pool video

Feast your eyes on this fantastic new video showcasing some examples of BIOTOP natural swimming pool and pond projects in the UK. If you are considering a natural pool you must watch this as it gives you an honest owners view of each type of pool we build.

You will see there are different styles of pool in the video which demonstrates the versatility of the BIOTOP system and shows you how it can be tailored to suit your location and ‘must have’ requirements.


Kingcombe Aquacare are UK BIOTOP partners so if you are considering a new build, conversion or renovation project we can help. The market leading natural pool filtration has been developed in Austria and refined over the last 30 years. The result is a robust system that is easy to maintain – something crucial for long term success of your natural pool.

There is much to consider when planning your project so we would welcome the chance to talk through your ideas. Our office number is 01460 279 200, please ask for Ben Garner.

If you are based in or around London you could visit the Kings Cross Pond Club, a public swimming pond and art installation we helped to engineer and build using BIOTOP filtration. It is currently the only public natural swimming pool in the UK and it offers a unique opportunity to swim in clean, naturally filtered water in the heart of London.

Kings Cross Natural Pool

Netherton Farm natural swimming pond

Holiday homes with a natural swimming pond!

If you are looking for a holiday venue with something unique to offer then we recommend you consider Netherton Farm near Kingsbridge in Devon – it has a natural swimming pond!

We recently converted the pool there from a traditional chlorine treated system to a naturally filtered BIOTOP swimming pond. The pond is partially heated to take the chill off and is open for use between May and September. Sally and Laura who own and run Netherton Farm wanted to get away from the constant reliance on chemicals to keep the pool clean and opted for a naturally filtered system to let nature help do the work.

The natural pool is full of life and it is possible to see amphibians hiding in the planted regeneration zone while dragonflies dart around over the water. There is always something interesting to see as you would expect with a living biological system. Swimming in a natural swimming pond is a unique experience and perfect for those who want an alternative to swimming in chemically treated water.

Sally and Laura are the most welcoming hosts so if you are looking to get away and fancy swimming with nature you should give Netherton Farm a try.


For more information on converting your pool to a natural pool visit our web page HERE

Kings Cross Natural Swimming Pool

Kings Cross Public Natural Swimming Pool

Public Natural Swimming Pools – Kings Cross, London

THE ASSIGNMENT: Creation of the UK’s First Public Natural Swimming Pool

As part of the 60-acre redevelopment of Kings Cross the property developers, Argent, were obliged to provide public realm art work to satisfy their planning obligations. The last of these was entitled ‘Of Soil and Water’ and was designed by Dutch Architects, Ooze and Slovenian artist Marjetica PotrČ. The rationale behind their concept was to create an urban oasis right in the heart of the building site.

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King's Cross Natural Swimming Pool with a lone swimmer

Kings Cross Pond Club – Kingcombe Aquacare builds UK’s first public natural swimming pond at King’s Cross

Everyone at Kingcombe Aquacare is delighted to have been involved with the creation of the UK’s first public natural swimming pond, at King’s Cross in London, which is due to open soon as a piece of Land Art. The project has been getting a lot of media attention.

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