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Long Lance Herbicide Application

To spray or not to spray – that is the question (with apologies to William Shakespeare on his anniversary)

John recently started a new LinkedIn discussion regarding the use of herbicide against non-native aquatic plant species. Here’s what he wrote.

“Over the last 10 years most approved aquatic herbicides have been removed from the market. Now it would seem that Glyphosate is the next target to come into the sights of the EU legislators. I suspect that all environmentally conscious people would prefer not to be introducing chemicals into the environment unnecessarily. However, the potential loss of Glyphosate, which in the form of Roundup Pro Bio is deemed to be one of the safest products for use in or near water, would present us with real challenges, not the least being the control of non-native species such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Floating Pennywort to name but a few.

As a responsible company working in the field of water management and maintenance, Kingcombe Aquacare is keen to find alternative procedures if they exist, but for some of these pernicious plants, which are destroying our native habitat, often in SSSIs, spraying with Glyphosate is the only commercially viable means of control.

I would be interested to know where other Chartered Environmentalists stand on this issue, and whether there are alternative non-native invasive weed control strategies that are commercially viable and successful. Indeed, I would be keen to know where the Institute stands on this issue!”

The ramifications of potentially losing the last remaining effective herbicide are huge and will spark many discussions of how best to control infestations of these non-native plants

Chris Choldcroft

This month we say a very big thank you to Chris Choldcroft, our Senior Site Manager, who has been working for Kingcombe for over 20 years!

Chris Choldcroft and John Colton
Chris Choldcroft and John Colton

The photograph shows Chris being presented with a gift by John Colton to mark his 65th Birthday and his work milestone. He says that he intends to retire, but we hope he just takes things a little quieter and keeps coming back for more! Thanks Chris for all your support and advice over the years.

King's Cross Natural Swimming Pool with a lone swimmer

Kings Cross Pond Club – Kingcombe Aquacare builds UK’s first public natural swimming pond at King’s Cross

Everyone at Kingcombe Aquacare is delighted to have been involved with the creation of the UK’s first public natural swimming pond, at King’s Cross in London, which is due to open soon as a piece of Land Art. The project has been getting a lot of media attention.

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Salam Park, Riyadh - Kingcombe Aquacare consultancy work

Kingcombe Aquacare to exhibit at Wod-Kan Fair 2015

As leading international consultants in the specialist sphere of environmental water management, Kingcombe Aquacare are looking forward to exhibiting at the Wod-Kan Fair in Poland from Tuesday 26, May to Thursday, 28 May. Please click through to see more details in English and Polish.

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Father Christmas in his rowing boat at Puerto Venecia

Major international success for Kingcombe Aquacare water features

The title of Best Retail and Leisure Park 2013 has been won by Puerto Venecia Zaragoza, the Spanish shopping village where Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd worked on the water features.

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Herbiciding a stand of Japanese Knotweed with a long lance applicator

Kingcombe Aquacare land major contract with Procurement for Housing (PfH)

Kingcombe Aquacare have secured a major contract with Procurement for Housing (PfH) to rid public sector housing in London and the South of England of Japanese Knotweed and other non-native invasive species.

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Kingcombe Aquacare lake and jetty work at Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza

Final snagging of the lake, canal and other water features at Puerto Venecia

by John Colton

I was out in Zaragoza in Aragon, Spain, earlier this week, carrying out final snagging at Puerto Venecia. This is claimed by the developers to be the largest retail development in Europe at the moment. It is due to open on October 3.

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