Natural Swimming Pool

What type of natural swimming pool suits you?

We build two types of natural swimming pool. This flexibility gives you the freedom of choice between two very different styles of pool. Both will give you the incomparable feeling of swimming in natural water.

Natural swimming ponds (with plants)

Planted Natural Swimming Pool
Planted Natural Swimming Pool

If you like the idea of swimming in a natural pool surrounded by aquatic plants and pure naturally filtered water, we recommend you consider a traditional planted natural swimming pond.

Additional jetties, feature stones, steps and beaches help to personalise the natural pond to your preferences.

Natural swimming pools (without plants)

Natural Swimming Pool - 'Living Pool'
Natural Swimming Pool – ‘Living Pool’

If you prefer a more contemporary look, maybe with heating and a cover we recommend you consider one of our natural swimming pools called a ‘Living Pool’. This is a direct chemical free alternative to a typical swimming pool. The benefit of the the Living Pool is that you can add plants to create a look that is both natural and contemporary.

both systems are completely chemical free so Why would you swim in chlorine?

View our natural pool gallery page to gain some design inspiration. 


Benefits of our natural swimming pools:

  • Completely free of chemicals
  • Endless design possibilities
  • Easy to maintain
  • Proven BIOTOP filtration technology, developed and refined over the past 30 years
  • Wildlife and environmentally friendly
  • Much more aesthetically pleasing compared to a traditional chlorinated pool
  • Comparable construction costs in relation to mid priced swimming pools

Natural Swimming Pool Cost The cost of a natural swimming pool compares very favourably with a traditional, chemically pool, but with none of the drawbacks. Bespoke pools are priced depending on specification.

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