If you own a swimming pool and you want to ditch the chemicals why not consider our pool conversion service? 

Basic Conversion

If you simply want to reconfigure the filtration system without making fundamental alterations to the pool shell we can supply and install our ‘Converter Unit’

Something Different?

We can completely re-design your pool, adding to the existing shell to create specific planting zones for water filtration. This free form design will transform the pool into a natural habitat that sustains an aquatic ecosystem to cleanse the water by natural processes. Natural pools offer a completely different swimming experience, leave your skin feeling soft and clean, and provide endless interest as they develop and mature. 

Converted Pool Edge

What Else?

On average UK tap water contains relatively high levels of phosphorus. Pending results of a water test we may have to add some technical equipment to reduce this nutrient loading before the water reaches the pool. This is vital to ensure long term success of your pool, particularly if you are considering a basic conversion.


Living Pool Converter – How it works

Converter System

More information

Chemical treatment is no longer the only option for swimming pools. Our natural filtration system is kind to the environment and your body so we believe it represents the future of swimming pool filtration.

If you have had enough of stinging eyes and constant use of chemicals please do not hesitate to call us. We’re here to help and we would be delighted to talk through what we can offer you.

Telephone 01460 279200 and speak to Ben Garner.

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