“Natural swimming ponds and pools, perhaps the biggest revolution in swimming.”

We firmly believe this and we are delighted to be able to offer our professional design and construction services to give you a completely different swimming experience. So what is a natural swimming pond?

In a nutshell: A natural swimming pond or natural swimming pool is a body of ‘living’ water designed for swimming. It consists of a defined swimming zone and a separate purification area. The purification area cleans the swimming water with a biological system that is completely free of chemicals. A successful natural swimming pond or pool also has the ability to reduce nutrient (algae food) to very low levels. Water is clear and pure – why would you swim in chlorine?

kingcombe aquacare built the first and only public natural swimming pond in the uk. anyone can visit the pond in kings cross, london, just book your ticket through the website 


you can also Read our project case study, just click on the image

Kings Cross Public Natural Swimming Pool
Kings Cross Public Natural Swimming Pool


Need more detail? Have a look at our Natural Swimming Pools page to learn more, or contact us if it’s easier.

Contact: Ben Garner 01460 279 200.

Need a bit of inspiration? Click on the photo to view some example natural pools and ponds Natural Swimming Pond  


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