All Change in the Workshop!

Currently our workshops in Crewkerne are in a state of upheaval. All the machines are being moved and a new overhead gantry crane is being installed to facilitate moving larger pieces of steel and completed fabrications. The steel racks and storage areas are being re-sited to make more room and division walls being erected to properly segregate the woodworking areas and metal working areas. During the autumn the lighting, heating and local exhaust ventilation were all upgraded to improve the working environment in the buildings.

Through all the disruption the fabricators are busy trying to finish off projects for customers.

Figure 1 – This is an example of two trash screens fabricated in our workshop

Our workshops make all sorts of galvanised mild steel items, from debris screens to bridges, as well as bespoke stainless-steel fabrications such as equipment housings and flood gates.

Figure 2 – Wooden bridge fabricated in our workshop in Crewkerne

The woodworkers are always busy with jetties and bridges as well as preparing intricate pieces of form work to support the site teams.

Figure 3 Proprietary parts awaiting assembly for radar tubes

The intention is that after this refurbishment the workshops will be able to extend the scope of their activities and produce more finished fabrications for our customers.



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