The waterfall after three years - Kingcombe Aquacare cascading waterfall case study
The waterfall three years on

Construction of cascading waterfall for a private client in Dorset

“The waterfall and lake have been a great success and draw many favourable comments from our guests. They just look as if they have always been there.” – Private Client

The completed scheme - Kingcombe Aquacare cascading waterfall case study
The completed scheme

Kingcombe Aquacare was originally called in to line the existing lake on the estate, which had just changed hands and was being completely restored to an exceptionally high standard after many years of neglect. This presented a significant challenge, as there were original drainage culverts running underneath the lake area, which had to be kept running. We maintained the natural look of the lake by installing a Firestone EPDM 1.02mm Pondgard membrane, which was then covered with a 300mm layer of substrate to provide a suitable planting medium for the aquatic plants. However, to maintain the water quality in the lake we recommended that the water should be re-circulated, preferably over a cascade to entrain more dissolved oxygen into the water.

Right alongside the lake there is an outcrop of rock, where quarrying has taken place in the past to provide local stone for many of the buildings and walls on the estate. This offered a unique opportunity to create an impressive 6-metre high natural cascade feature, fed by water pumped up to a header pond from the lake, where it emerges as if from a spring head, then flowing back down over the quarry wall to the lake below. The new challenge was to create a natural stone waterfall to look as if it was an integral part of the original stone wall of the quarry.

The face of the quarry was lined with the same Firestone material, draped down over several steps in the stone, to ensure no loss of water from the system. Then a new stone face was constructed on top of the liner, built in layers using large stone pieces to simulate the rock seams running through the quarry. The waterfall cascades down to a stilling pool, from where it flows down a further set of small rock pools and stream back into the lake, all lined with Pondgard material which was also completely concealed under the natural stone bed.

The water re-circulation was achieved by installing a pump chamber at the other end of the lake, connected to it through a 150mm balance pipe. Duty/standby submersible pumps are housed in this below ground chamber, which are silent running, efficient and easy to maintain. The automatic top-up is sourced from a local borehole on the estate.

Cascading Waterfall Case Study (PDF – 675KB)

The lake viewed from the dam - Kingcombe Aquacare cascading waterfall case study
The lake viewed from the dam

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