Green oak bridges currently being fabricated in the workshops
Green oak bridges currently being fabricated in the workshops

Kingcombe Aquacare teams hard at work across the country

News: 75 boreholes to decomission – and more!

This week the Kingcombe teams have been hard at work across the country.

Nick and Merv’s teams have been continuing work on Environment Agency projects, including stilling tube work at Charmouth and flood wall refurbishments in Wimborne, whilst Andy and Tomas have been carrying out work at Shaking Drove on the Huntispill River in Somerset, raising invert levels for a new tilting weir. The Timsbury team are in their third week, doing site enabling works prior to starting the works on the new lake for Southampton Institute.

The maintenance men have been carrying out routine visits to many private clients, while Kevin and George have been herbiciding on various sites, including one on the Isle of Wight. Paul and Gordon, as the Aquatractor is affectionately known, have been away weed-cutting for three days on a sailing lake in north west London.

Back at HQ, fabrication work on a cascade for a business park at Farnborough was completed, along with work continuing on fabricating stainless steel stilling tubes for installation on EA sites. Work has started on fabricating curved green oak bridges for a private client.

We have heard today (20 September, 2010) that we have been awarded by the EA the contract for the decommissioning of 75 boreholes across the Wessex Region. This work will be taking place over the winter months.

Staff news: our senior Site Foreman, Chris, is continuing to make good progress at home after his recent heart surgery. No doubt he is finding doing nothing very frustrating. We all wish him well, and are missing him and Molly (his dog).

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